Permanent carbon removal that restores our ocean

Ephemeral harnesses the ocean’s ability to absorb and store CO2.

We safely remove atmospheric carbon while countering ocean acidification, improving life above and below the surface.

Ocean alkalinity enhancement

Our approach accelerates rock weathering, the natural process of rainwater becoming alkalized as it returns to the sea.

OAE Diagram

Using renewable energy, we extract alkalinity from rocks and industrial wastes. When released at sea, it transforms CO2 into harmless bicarbonates, locking carbon away for over 100,000 years.

Countering acidification locally, removing carbon globally.

We deploy our alkalinity at coral reefs, shellfish fisheries, and other habitats threatened by acidification, protecting vital ecosystems and the communities they serve.


Today, we generate alkalinity on land. Ultimately, we’ll expand generation to sea, harnessing abundant offshore energy resources to remove carbon at gigaton scale.

Reduce all you can,
we’ll remove what you can’t.

Complement your emission reductions while protecting our reefs and oceans with independently-verified CDR credits.